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Transforming the Status Quo...One Supply Chain at a time…

Do you have a passion for supply chain?  Do you get energized by making a difference in people’s lives?  At Reveal we are passionate about everything we do from hiring the right people to transforming our client’s businesses to volunteering in our local communities.

Do you enjoy traveling nationally?  Internationally?  Reveal’s customers are located globally, and we work in culturally diverse locations and visit places you never imagined you would and meet people of all backgrounds.

Are you comfortable speaking in front of groups of people?  At Reveal, our Advisors educate and guide the business users in a workshop environment towards a better understanding and experience with SAP.

Reveal may be the perfect fit for you:

if you have experience working in a supply chain role using SAP,
if you are driven and action-oriented,
if you have an engaging, client-facing personality,
if you thrive in a professional environment where you can excel and receive recognition,
if you welcome traveling domestically and/or internationally,
if you are passionate about making difference for your clients and your community,  
if you are an experienced consultant with expert SAP knowledge.


Most of our clients use SAP software to run their businesses. We redefine the way that they think about their supply chains and show them the smart way to use SAP to find the hidden value in their organizations. Our employees are business process innovators with strong SAP experience, and we currently are looking to expand our select pool of Advisors to meet our growth.

Business Skills

    • Must possess a passion for standing up in front of a group of people and educating them on how SAP works in a Business Role
    • Advanced Understanding of supply chain principles (best practices) in an SAP environment
    • Proven experience with change management at all organizational levels
    • Effective facilitation skills that leads to team buy-in and sustainability with the client
    • The ability to challenge teams (internal and external) / hold people accountable
    • Strong Excel and PowerPoint skills
    • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent required

Soft Skills

    • Must be personable and confident and be able to leverage and navigate relationships strategically
    • Advocate for customer, ensuring customer is obtaining support they require
    • Should quickly connect with people and be able to coach clients and teams to success
    • Must have strong problem-solving skills and be able to respond to situations with a sense of urgency
    • Ability handle change and make mid-course corrections when needed

SAP Experience

    • •Over 10 years’ experience with SAP PS configuration (Project Structure, Project Planning and Execution, Resource Planning, Settlements, etc.)
    • Extensive and in-depth functional knowledge, along with knowledge of SAP with a good amount of implementation and delivery experience
    • Experienced with IMG configuration
    • Experienced with SAP change control processes and procedures (CTS)
    • Experienced with SAP best practices
    • Experienced with one of more; SAP ASAP methodology, agile methods, ITIL, Solution Manager or other project management tools
    • SAP certification a plus
About Reveal

Reveal is a business advisory company that educates SAP-centric supply chain-driven businesses to transform how SAP is used. Through our proprietary ongoing VALUE optimization® (oVo®) methodology, we combine wisdom, business smarts, technical expertise, and artful precision to uncover exciting opportunities in clients’ supply chains. Our approach is to assess the opportunity, and then transform the people, processes, and technologies to ensure a sustainable organization. Not only are we SAP business partners, we are members of the SAP Partner Advisory Council for Innovation.

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  • Posted: 1/31/2019
  • Updated: 1/31/2019
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